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  Say Again?

    Love can be likened to the wind - it can be felt but not seen.

   Dying is unimportant - all men die.  It is how we die that is important.

  Cheyenne Warrior   Redsleeve

   . . . Old Dreams are like Old Soldiers - - They just fade away!  (Paraphrased from the 'Farewell to the Nation' address given by General Douglas MacArthur after his removal from command by President Truman.)  
   I finally got it all together . . . but I forgot where I put it!

   . . . If a bigamist has one spouse too many - what about a monogamist?

  Maybe So ! !
Road Sign, SR 607, Greene County, VA        (It has since been repaired)
        Corel GALLERY Clipart        Corel GALLERY Clipart            
    Greene County's Finest!       Greene County's Finest, Also!

The following is a part from an article attributed to Charlie Daniels following a trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:

    . . .The Constitution says   "We the people of the United States". . . it doesn't             mention any other     country! . . .     © Charlie Daniels

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   . . . Cloning the Tasmanian Tiger?  It has been extinct since the mid 1930's.  What else is new "down under"?   (TV - The Learning Channel (TLC) - 7-11-02)

   . . . Geronimo's Apache name was reported to be Goyathlay - meaning  One Who Yawns.  The Mexicans gave him the name of  Geronimo, which is Spanish for  Jerome.  His Chieftanship was NOT hereditary - he had to rise through the ranks! (World Book Encyclopedia)

   . . . For a living,  my Daddy "pretends to be people" . . .(Actor Charlton Heston's son at age five)

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  Altogether, Now!
You were wanting water, maybe??

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