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  Dinos Soar in Small Town !

(FromThe Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA, April 5, 2003)

        Prankster Mark Cline came back from the future for this year's April foolery. Previously, the Lexington-area fiberglass artist had planted flying saucers along Interstate 81.
        This year, folks in nearby Glasgow (Virginia) woke up to find dinosaurs invading the village.  A tyrannosaurus rex poked its head out of James's Auto Repair shop.  Outside the Grocery Express, a cowboy roped a triceratops.  Some dinos were hoisted onto rooftops.
        Mr. Cline sought permission from businesses before launching the invasion.  "I said, 'That sounds good to me,' " reported James Wilcher, owner of the auto repair shop.  "I'm always good for a joke."
        Said Mr. Cline:  "During this day and age, people need a chance to smile, people need a chance to laugh . . . This is a happy invasion."
        Jules Verne would have loved it, too.
  Now Looky Here ! !

  Listen To Me, Now . . . !

  Pay Attention There,  'Tops!

Now looky here, triceratops
    I got my loop on you
Just lumber along like a goody dog
    And do what I tell ya’ to

I know ya’ like the green, green, grass
    And all plants great and small
And a big, big, gulp from a runnin’ stream
    Who really knows what all?

But pony and me are here to see
    You git along on home
We’ll put you in a pasture, green
    So you don’t have to roam.

Poem (Copyright © 2003 Howard D. Mallison)

  Hope The  Rope Holds . . .!

  Where Is Mommy . . .?

  I Want Mommy . . .

  There's Mommy . . . !

  Junior . . . COME HOME!!

  Upstairs Neighbor

  Bronto On The Loose

  Bronto Moving Out

  Stegosaurus Steve

That's All !!! (For now)