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  Look Familiar?

Would like to hear from anyone who served in Korea with the 49th. FBW, 5th A.F., especially the 49th. Communications Sqdn., during the Korean War.     K-2, G.I. !   Please E-mail me at :

  The Boys From Korea . . .
When we die, we'll go to heaven.
Saint Peter will loudly yell,
"Here come the boys from Korea, Dear Lord,
"They've done their hitch in Hell!"

Thanks to Don Wilson, Pittsford, NY.

  Last Landing of A Lovely Lady

Flight Art, B29 Style

Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Photo
Too much damage - an inglorious end for a Lovely Lady!
Thanks for the pose, Roger, sorry you left us!
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Symbolic of the F84's used by the 49th and 58th FBW's in Korea during the Korean war. The above is on Display in the Virginia Aviation Museum, Richmond International Airport, Richmond, Virginia


   Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Photo                                 Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Photo                                                                 

Crest - 58th Fighter-Bomber Wing            Crest - 49th Fighter-Bomber Wing

Thoughts and views over 50 years old -

    Korea - the summers were hot and dusty, or hot and rainy, with hundred degree temperatures.  The winters were Siberian.  The country literally stank - except for the few months when the ground was frozen . . .

        . . .never got used to the stink.  Inside the city, the odors were of decaying fish, smoke, garbage, unwashed humanity, garlic flavored Kim-chi, evening cookfire pall . . .outside the city, the fresh air was worse as Koreans, like most Orientals during that time, used human fertilizer on their fields and paddies, giving the country an odor somewhat akin to an outhouse on a hot summers day . . .

        . . . river washed clothing tended to turn a sickly brown . . .