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                    See Song Poem:  Ode To An Iron Frog

" . . . and weighing in at 5 pounds on the nose . . . "  The Iron Frog!

Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Photo

[Tripod Counter]

Grab Hold . . .

Photo of Sculpture by Gary Price, in bronze/patina, © 1988.
Sculpture is in a private collection.  Digital photo of sculpture is on black background.
The sculpture depicts one person helping another - should we not realize something from this?

  What's New . . .  02-20-2006 (Minor editing corrections)

    Added two song poems to Song Poems page.

    Added four poems to Poems page.

    Will continue trying to use an e-mail address for internet contact.  For sometime, I had discontinued the usage of an e-mail address for reasons I won't mention.  However, my contact e-mail address is:   

Note:  All of my poems are copyrighted, all rights reserved, and are shown here for your reading enjoyment.   ironfrog.

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